Taxi Drivers of Addis Ababa on Strike (Zone 9)


Taxi strike
Following the announcement of a new decree to execute Regulation Number 208/2010 that the Federal Transport Authority is said to implement on drivers, taxi drivers in the city of Addis Ababa have called for and started a strike that will last for two days. As the news of strike started circulating, Transport Authority announced its plan to postpone the implementation of the decree for three months to ‘create awareness’ in advance.

As witnessed by Zone 9 bloggers in some parts of the city such as Sidest Kilo, Arat Kilo, Piassa, Megenagna, Awutobus Tera, Mexico square and etcetera blue minibus taxis were not seen in their usual terminals. Thus, long queues were seen in the streets while government deployed its public buses. In addition, officials are seen registering plate numbers of taxis that joined the strike in street conjunctions.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate, on its news feed, has interviewed people from the Associations of Taxi Owners where they claimed the strike was called without their consent and urged the drivers to end their strike and start serving the public immediately.

Meanwhile, as reported on social media, drivers out of Addis Ababa has also joined the strike.
For further news feedbacks on the strike, please follow ‪#‎AddisTaxiStrike‬.
Photo curtsy of the regulation and a call for the strike, © Social media


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