The desperate plight of Ethiopians at home and abroad

by Lalisa Hikaa

The terror is real and the time to act is now. Today’s Ethiopian government is by far the worst its people have ever seen; driven by tribalism, money, power, and run by thuggish, incompetent bureaucrats, indifferent to the suffering they bestow. Without immediate action and unity of Ethiopian political factions and civic groups, Ethiopia’s citizens will continue to sustain torture, evictions from their own lands, and death under the brutality of a ruthless regime.

Ethiopia’s government has been terrorizing its people for decades, and the atrocities do not end at the nation’s borders. Left powerless and impoverished, citizens are forcibly evicted from their land, detained, tortured and killed; practices seen daily in every part of Ethiopia – most notably in Oromia regions. While the Ethiopian regime is busy committing its own massacre throughout the country, hundreds have been slaughtered in the Gambella region, and children whose families were executed have been taken hostage by South Sudan terrorist groups. The disregard of Ethiopian officials for the plight of its people is unmistakable, and taken advantage of by these terrorist groups. Read more…

The terror is real and the time to act is now.



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