Ethiopia: Funerals are taking place in Bahir Dar

(BBC News)— Funerals are taking place after a weekend of violent protests in Ethiopia’s north-western city of Bahir Dar.

The authorities there told the BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza that at least seven people were killed and dozens arrested during anti-government demonstrations.Funerals are taking place in Bahir Dar

On Sunday, police used tear gas and fired in the air to disperse thousands of people who had barricaded roads.

Activists say the number of those killed is much higher.

The BBC has learnt that two young men are being buried today. It is believed that they were both killed by security forces.

There have also been protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia region with local media reporting that dozens of people were shot dead in towns across the region, though the exact number is yet to be confirmed.

Hundreds of protesters in various towns and cities – including the capital, Addis Ababa – have been arrested for taking part in the demonstrations that have been banned by the government.

Protest continue for 2nd day in Bahir Dar


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