Ethiopia: The Perennial Cleansing/Painting Strategy of TPLF

by Dr. Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew

Without making and no intent to change, TPLF cleanses or paints its dirt of utter incompetency using the Ethiopian society on a yearly basis, via a Laundromat or invisibility process named discussions to the future but doing things the same, if not worse, with university, high school communities and others which it thinks may bring danger to its existence. It cleanses periodically by throwing out used socks or worn out boots which are no more useful for protection and replaces them with new hoodlums from other ethnic groups. What TPLF-ites refuse to see and Ethiopians see naked is that, TPLF is making a mockery, its incompetency is its source of pride and the future they envisioned actually is the past where the people lived and what they think of the past is the present, eliminating the future and making Ethiopians stand still on the past for all time.

TPLF leaders Debretsion Gebremichael and Abay Woldu

Ethiopians in the contrary see and troubled by every contradiction TPLF brings on them, on their country and on their future as a people, they see the speed at which they are moving backwards in time while the world is moving forward in every aspect of social development (surprisingly the Tigray region is the one that slowly creeps forward in making buildings to store but there may not be anything to store and the belly of their members is visibly moving forward indeed-one of the achievements of TPLF). It makes universities under its full control and guidance, for fear of the unknown domain of knowledge. It has to make sure they do exactly what it tells them to do, else lose employment – it makes employment, a servitude and a life line for intellectuals than a place of merit, free thinking and creativity to pursue knowledge. It is for this reason that it annually prepares a painting camouflaging discussion forum of invisibility.

The recent such painting forums in some universities is a case in point. At the beginning of these events, TPLF plays a fool or someone who is intellectually incompetent to be aware of what is going on in the country. Ignoring the plights of Ethiopians, current upheavals, tragedies of killings and deaths committed by the TPLF army, the sheer terror, bloodshed and genocide it wages by the direct order of their nominal prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn on the Amhara people and Ethiopians in general, it proceeds by reprinting and forwarding existing manuals of higher education as discussion agendas, which the people already know them for many years and knowing TPLF will not come with something new and of social value but for the annual demand to get paint of camouflage ritual – let us get painted and cheat you so that you keep quite in order they continue with their crimes.

Let me digress a little from here, nature is a sophisticated dwelling place of actions that are results of conscious thinking of higher order or ordinary. We humans utilize our thinking and reasoning capabilities to make decisions hoping best results from our decisions, other creatures do the same. It is those who make the right decisions at the right time that survive better and those who make bad decisions or fail to make the right decisions on the right time perish or always remain underdogs. In such decision making processes, defense comes to be among the several fascinating natural capabilities of creatures that require high degree of precision to act in a right time, either through might, such as lions, dolphins or sharks or by being wise utilizing abilities of invisibility and camouflage in time of dangers. Invisibility by camouflaging or changing appearances by coloration to look alike the surrounding, disguise and disrupt predators is one technique to survive.

The worn out technique TPLF-ites use over and over again is demanding to receive painting coloration of disguises from the society, particularly universities and schools. The strange thing is that TPLF asks the very society it knows, to get a brush paint, so that its ugly works, corruption, culture of thefts of Ethiopian fertile lands, real estates and government resources to enrich themselves, brutality of killings, imprisoning, genocide and mindless acts against the Ethiopian people, its incompetency of governance, all to be invisible from the very victims. Other natural creatures in the contrary do it instantly without consulting the predators, for otherwise they will be consumed, if they are known.

These acts make the Tigray TPLF, the unique bold but inept in every measure, fraud and con-artist social organization ever appeared in the political history of our country. The good thing is the Ethiopian society reached to the lowest point with TPLF and moves further no downwards but upwards living TPLF at the pit. TPLF does not need cleansing deep, deeper or deepest or paint thick, thicker or thickest, it simply has to be removed. Ethiopia is rich in resources and with more than enough far sighted, thoughtful and imaginative children of wisdom and vision to lead her and her children to the promised places of freedom and democracy, equality and happiness and puts her at par with contemporary society.


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